photo finnishing..

180 (minus some days) in Suomi..

This is my first photo-project.

The idea is to capture every day, every moment, from the day that I left Thessaloniki to the day that I go back again: 180 days, or else 6 months.. minus some days.

I hope for exciting, treasured moments in Finland. I wish the same thing for all my friends!

You know, wherever you are, deep down the beauty is in our heart..
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#01: we have many stories to tell.. :)
It is great to see you again. 

Dear friends,

I’ve missed sharing images and words. Since the photofinnishing project is over, you can follow my new blog at


Day#177: the day that the photofinnishing project came to an end.

No worries.. just a smile in my face, warmth in my heart and great memories in my mind. I’ve seen such beauty, I’ve shared so many feelings, I’ve met so many friends, more than ever imagined before travelling to the unknown.

Thank you all, truly, for the great support. I am honored.. You have my love back and you will always be part of my amazing journey. 

Now, a new ‘lighthouse' will light up my way.. You will hear from me, soon.

With love,

Day#176: sunset, from above. Going back home. 

Day#175: goodnight and good luck..

Thank you, all of you, so much.. for your beautiful comments, your hearts and your thoughts, not only on this photo but also throughout this whole photofinnishing journey
Today, I’m packing up my stuff.. ready to go home! There are two-photo-days left, so..  ;)

Day#174: deep, within me.

Day#173: almost complete..

Day#172: midsummer bonfire in the middle of the lake! :) 

Day#171: ..waiting patiently to “rock the boat”.

Day#170: up or down? semi-empty or semi-full? 

Day#169: the beach, before the rain.

Day#168: walking inside the forest.. majestic!

reply: Algy.. I want to say thank you but I feel that this is not enough! I really love that through this photofinnishing project I have the chance to share views, thoughts and feelings with all of you. It’s just wonderful! 
PS. My best wishes to your assistant! She is my friend, too!

reply: so glad for your words, thank you sooo much! :) 

Day#167: can you imagine the view from here?