photo finnishing..

180 (minus some days) in Suomi..

This is my first photo-project.

The idea is to capture every day, every moment, from the day that I left Thessaloniki to the day that I go back again: 180 days, or else 6 months.. minus some days.

I hope for exciting, treasured moments in Finland. I wish the same thing for all my friends!

You know, wherever you are, deep down the beauty is in our heart..
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wow.. my honor once again!

Thanks thliii and Lux Lit for reblogging my “reflections at 23:40" photo.

You help me share with more people all the beauty that my eyes have seen, during this photofinnishing journey. 

Thank you all for sharing your likes and thoughts with me.. 

  1. adventuresofalgy said: And thank YOU for posting such a beautiful set of photographs documenting your stay in Finland :)
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